Tape dispenser on large rounded sandstone



use : tape dispenser
artisan : New Craft House / 新工芸舎
series :  nosemono / のせ物
size :W150*D210*H120mm
material : stone, photocurable resin

A tape cutter with 3D printed parts that match the shape of unprocessed natural stone. It is comfortable to use with a stability by the weight of the stone.
We collect stones while carefully examining the shape suitable for the tape cutter, and carefully make it while checking the usability.

The rounded side is placed on the back and the cutter on the stepped side. The stone is quite heavy, so it is stable even when the tape is strongly pulled. It is nice to feel the coolness of the stone when you put your hand on the rounded side.

This is a tape cutter for Mt masking tape. It is suitable for tapes with a core inner diameter of 25mm.Compatible with small diameter cellophane tape.



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  • This item is one of a kind.
  • Pre-glued to the stone.
  • This product may not be as strong as general resin products. Please understand this in advance.
  • We accept returns and exchanges if the item is obviously defective in the beginning. In that case, please contact us.